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Journal for a fictional RP character. (This journal has been used a number of times because I really like the name, so if anything is showing up that doesn't make sense, you can either A) ignore it because it's part of another RP, or B) poke me because it might be part of an old game that I forgot to remove.)

Player Name: Wolfie
AIM: My OOC screen name is magnodragon. Please say who you are when you message me.
Roxas' IC screen name is memoryofoblivion.

The [mega private] tag in the subject line of comments from Roxas' journal is the Organization journal lock. This lock also applies to all comments below Roxas's in that comment thread, whether they were made by him or not. Unless you're some sort of god, or something close to it, you can't hack into these. Even if you think your character might be able to hack them, ask for my permission first.

Character: Roxas
Series: Kingdom Hearts
Version: Roxas is from a very spoiler-y moment just before the end of 358/2 Days.
Age: 15 (physically)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Questionable. Between Roxas's ambiguous relationship with Axel and future not-quite romance (maybe) with Namine, I'm hesitant to label him outright with anything.
Appearance: Roxas is lanky and very thin-framed, about average height. He has vibrant blue eyes, set into a face that is still a little boyish, topped with tall, spiky, dark blond hair. Usually, he's seen in his well-fitting Organization coat. It's made of a black fabric, not very reflective, and sewn in multiple pieces; the structure of the coat emphasizes his chest, and makes his shoulders look much broader than they actually are. It has a double zipper, silver pulls for the hood, and a chain that hooks on either side of the collar and hangs over his chest--seemingly, the chain has no particular purpose other than cosmetics. While in his Org coat, he wears wide-soled black boots, with his pants falling over the tops of them.
He rarely gets a chance to wear his casual clothes, but the outfit is mostly white--contrasting sharply from the completely black outfit for Organization business. His pants look like a pair of tight-fitting grey jeans, with baggy white pantlegs attached above the knee, falling over a pair of black skater shoes with bright red laces. His short-sleeved white jacket has a checkerboard pattern around the sleeve and chest seams, and is lined inside with a thick material, the same vibrant red as his shoelaces. It has large pockets, and goes down to just above his waist. The shirt he wears under it is black with a four-pointed zipper, and goes over his belt. He wears a white and black checkerboard sweatband on his left wrist, and on that index finger is a black band from the first to second knuckle (not sure if it's a ring or just fabric), with a similar white one on that middle finger.

**With 358/2 Days still in the works, the personality and history are a little spotty for this point in his canon. Let me know if I should add more details based on his KH II appearances as well, to flesh things out.**
Personality: Roxas is a gloomy teenager, down to the mood swings, as he's perfectly capable of acting happy and playing around like any other guy his age. He's usually quiet, easily lost in his own thoughts, and often has to be pulled out of his own little world by the people trying to talk to him. No one in the Organization tells him what's going on, and he's constantly worried. They tell him he has no emotions, but that deeply bothers him, and leaves him very confused. It makes him somewhat irritable, and he can be rather blunt when he speaks, not seeming to have any concern for the person he's talking to. He doesn't really know why, but he follows orders from the Superior without really questioning them. Every time Sora is mentioned, or the keyblade, Roxas feels almost like there's more to him than he's aware of, even though he has no idea just what.
In spite of all that, he can be a very driven and determined individual, full of both anger and agony. He doesn't realize it, because of what the Organization keeps telling him, but he really is very emotional--almost like Sora.
Roxas wields Oathkeeper and Oblivion with deadly finesse. He's an incredible melee fighter, both agile and strong, usually preferring quick flips or swift swings of his keyblade to singly powerful attacks. If he needs to, he can throw the keyblades in a straight line and have them return to him.
Roxas' element is light, and he controls the Samurai Nobodies (though I'm not sure that makes a big difference here in Paixao).
(In boss battles against him in KH II: FM+, he can make vertical beams of light as he's fighting that shoot forward and damage Sora, but he doesn't seem to be able to do that anywhere else, so I'm not sure if he can actually do that or not.)
Because he's been kept in the dark about almost everything about himself, Roxas is mentally very fragile, and inciting him to anger is very easy. It leaves him vulnerable to mind games, though if one isn't careful he might turn around to attack them instead.
Also, even though he has very strong melee abilities, he isn't very much of a ranged fighter--the only thing he can do is throw his keyblades. (He doesn't cast any spells in KH II, but trailers of 358/2 Days show him casting Thunder...we're just going to say he doesn't cast spells until the game is released and we know for sure.)

In order to wake the six Princesses of Heart in Hollow Bastion, Sora pierced himself with Riku's keyblade after defeating him. He turned into a Heartless for a brief time, before being brought back by Kairi. Because Sora's heart was so strong, a Nobody came into being as well. This Nobody awoke outside the abandoned mansion in Twilight Town, where Xemnas, leader of Organization XIII, quickly found him. He dubbed the new Nobody "Roxas" and recruited him into the Organization. Roxas's connection to Sora was never revealed to him, nor was any of the Organization's activity in Castle Oblivion. All Roxas ever knew is that Organization XIII were a group of Nobodies trying to retrieve their lost hearts, and his purpose in the Organization was solely to collect hearts from the Heartless in the many worlds.
After Axel returned from Castle Oblivion, he was sent on a mission with Roxas to Hollow Bastion to investigate the keyhole. While there, they released a crow from its cage, but thought nothing of it. Roxas and Axel went to Twilight Town for ice cream afterward, where they have a bit of a talk about their situation.
(Okay, that's really short, so I'll add in things up to the start of KH II...what we actually know, anyway, without 358/2 Days released.) Soon, Roxas found himself wondering more and more about the keyblade, and eventually made the decision that he would leave the Organization, even though it meant betrayal...and betraying Axel, too. Riku, under Ansem's orders, found Roxas and defeated him, and Roxas was kidnapped and taken to Ansem's lab in Twilight Town. Ansem built a digital world for Roxas to live in, in the hopes that the memories Roxas lost wouldn't return, and that the Organization wouldn't be able to find him. Axel did find him, though, and Roxas eventually regained all those memories, while every night dreaming about Sora. Roxas's existence as a separate self ends when he finds Sora in the pod where he was asleep for a year, and he joined with his original self (though he's able to meet Axel later, seemingly after Axel's saved Sora, then makes another appearance at the end to open a portal for everyone to escape through).
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